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Uni Revue Poster

Posted on May 14, 2016 by in Portfolio | 0 comments

Poster: Uni Revue 2015

Client: Uni Revue

Brief: Paint a poster for the Indiana-Jones-parodying 2015 Uni Revue, in the style of classic Dru Struzan.

Like most 80s kids, I grew up dazzled by the films of Steven Spielberg, which means I spent a lot of time unknowingly absorbing the cover and poster art of the excellent Drew Struzan. Goofy though this is (I came this close to painting ‘Tony Abbott’ there eating an onion), getting the chance to emulate the style of a modern master was a real honour.

Plus I got to paint Clive Palmer riding a flaming T-Rex.

Digital painting: Photoshop