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Jellybean Games Brand

Posted on Apr 23, 2018 by in Portfolio | 0 comments

Branding: Jellybean Games



Client: Jellybean Games

Brief: Create a lightweight, flexible brand for Jellybean Games, to a level of detail that could be encompassed in a single page of branding guidelines. Additionally, create headshots for the staff and collaborators of Jellybean in line with the branding.

The brand I created for Jellybean Games involves bright (one might say jellybean-reminiscent) colours used flat and clean on a white background. We wanted something kid-friendly that grownups would also find stylish and fun – which is precisely the mission statement we use for all our games, too.

With each headshot I limited myself to just three shades of a single colour per person. I’m forever adding to this collection as the team grows.

Vectors, Adobe Illustrator.