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Jellybean Shirts

Posted on Apr 23, 2018 by in Portfolio | 0 comments

T-Shirt Designs: Jellybean Games


Client: Jellybean Games

Brief: Create tabletop gaming themed designs to be screen-printed onto t-shirts.

The interesting part of this job from an art perspective was about the limitations of screenprinting. Each additional colour of ink in a design means another screen, which adds to the cost, so I tried to keep colours minimal in each.

The Settlers of Cat shirt uses grey, red and white (designed to be printed on a yellow shirt; for other coloured shirts I provided a variant of the design that also used a yellow screen). On this shirt I learned about doing halftone screens so I could get multiple shades of a single colour to add depth to the design.

The Guess the Game shirt uses teal, yellow, blue and red as straightforward flat colours.

But the shirt I’m proudest of is the Seize shirt. Designed to be printed onto red, this elaborate design actually only requires two screens: yellow and white.

I’m fascinated by designing for projects with enforced limits of one sort of another – I think limits inspire greater creativity. With the skills I picked up on this project I hope to be able to experiment more with screenprinted designs in future.

Vectors, Adobe Illustrator.